You are unemployed and would like to access a credit for unemployed to regain your purchasing power? Make use of the banking organizations proposing loan formulas adapted to your situation.

Indeed, no one can foresee the economic redundancies and it is often difficult to get by with the expenses with a limited budget. A small shot of push can sometimes restore the account to revive.

French lending institutions are aware of this and are studying the credit application files for the unemployed and for others on a one-to-one basis in order to propose a suitable solution .

Thus, offers of loans for unemployed people do indeed exist in France and to find the proposal that best meets your expectations, do not hesitate to compare and inform you about the characteristics of this type of loan.

The 4 solutions for obtaining credit by being unemployed 

  1. Apply for credit online at multiple locations (using our site)
  2. Find a person “bail”
  3. Offer guarantees to the lending institution
  4. Find help from the State ( CAF , ADIE , Employment Center …)

1. Apply online.

1. Apply online.

Although financial institutions rely primarily on claimants’ ability to repay credit, there is no law prohibiting unemployed persons from borrowing. It is therefore quite possible to obtain an unemployed credit online or offline, especially if the loan money increases the chances of finding a job. This is for example the case for the purchase of a car to enlarge more easily the area of ​​job search. 

For an online application, simply connect to the internet from your computer, mobile phone or tablet, no matter when and where you are to start the search for the offer. tailored to your needs.

To do this, you can either use essentially an online simulation / comparison site such as where forms are available to help you specify the nature of your project and the amount requested.

From these personal data, you will get the proposals of the French banking institutions that best meet your request and you can go to the next step to explain in detail the reasons that require you to apply for a loan, and already build your file request by providing information about your personal, professional and financial situation.

You can then send your request and receive as soon as possible a financing offer that does not commit you to anything at this stage of the process .

The tips Pretpersonnel101 The use of comparator financing is therefore a great way to contact several financial organizations at the same time, by multiplying the loan applications, you also maximized your chances of finding a lender who will accept your request.

You can also make your loan application one by one on the websites of the main organizations – Cetelem, Cofidis, Franfinance, Younited Credit, Cashper etc – hoping for a positive response but it will take you more time.

2. The credit for unemployed with surety

2. The credit for unemployed with surety

As a job seeker, you have a profile called “at risk” for lenders. To reassure them and easily obtain a personal loan for unemployed one of the solutions available to you is to offer them a guarantee, in this case, a person who is “surety” for you.

To do this, you will have to find a family member (friend or family) with stable and sufficient income willing to be a surety for your financing.

From then on the bank will be reassured and will not mind lending you money since it makes sure to be reimbursed.


Warning If you come to no longer be able to repay your monthly payments, the bank will get the money from your surety who will have to pay for you. This is not something to be taken lightly.

3. The jobless credit with real guarantee

3. The jobless credit with real guarantee

In the context of financing, the real guarantee can take two forms:

  1. The purpose of the credit: in the context of an appropriated credit – car credit, motorcycle credit, mortgage – the property that you will buy (car, motorcycle, house, apartment) may in case of non refund be seized by the bank to be resold in order to pay back. The financed property is used in this case of guarantee to the lender which explains that the unemployed and persons with the RSA will be more likely to be granted assigned funding than a personal loan without justification. In most cases, this requires an expertise of the property you want to buy.
  2. Your property: If you own your home, car and / or other valuables, you maximize your chances of being granted a loan, or even a credit without proof of unemployment, for the simple The reason is that if you are no longer able to repay your loan, the bank could seize your property to pay you back.

4. Loan solutions for unemployed people from state institutions.

4. Loan solutions for unemployed people from state institutions.

To protect the consumer against the risk of over-indebtedness and the establishment against unpaid bills, it is established according to specific characteristics, adapted to the case by case.

However, there are indeed loan solutions for the unemployed if you need urgent financing to improve your living conditions.

CAF loans

CAF offers several types of credit that can be useful for people looking for work.

Among these credits the loan of honor of the family allowance fund that can finance up to 80% the purchase of a car that will facilitate professional integration. For example, CAF’s furniture and home appliance loan is zero-rated and you can use it to buy the necessary household appliances and furniture to ensure a decent living comfort.

This funding up to 80% of the value of the property will be granted after acceptance of a request made by a social worker, the person entitled to help you in case of unemployment.

Good to know about CAF credits:

  • You must be able to repay it.
  • You must have at least one dependent child.
  • In some cases you must be able to provide a personal contribution.
  • CAF can finance household appliances, furniture, the purchase of a car or work.
  • The maximum amount you can borrow depends on what you want to borrow.
  • The reimbursement is made by deduction from your family allowances.

Learn more and make your request To find out more, visit the CAF website .

The microcredit from ADIE

The microcredit from ADIE

Other micro-credit personal loans are also available to the unemployed to facilitate their work in the various economic and social reintegration processes. This is the case of the loans of the association for the right to economic initiative ( ADIE ) of an amount between 300 $ and 3000 $ that you will repay for a period of 6 to 36 months.

It should be noted that ADIE’s aid only allows the financing of things that help you to find a job via the mobility credit (for example: the purchase of a vehicle, the passage of a driving license, training or a move) and financing the creation of a business.

Good to know about the credits of the ADIE

  • Credit for the unemployed only to finance the purchase of a vehicle, the passage of a driving license or the creation of a business.
  • The amount of microcredit mobility of the ADIE up to 5000 euros for the credit “mobility” and 10000 euros for credit “business creation”.
  • Repayment period between 6 & 36 months.
  • The fixed interest rate of 7.5%, possibility to replace the interests by fees.
  • No fees (prepayment & fees)
  • Formula not fast, answer under 10 days.

Learn more and make your request For more information, visit the ADIE website .

Pôle Emploi credits

Even if we speak of credit job pole, this organization does not offer proper credit for unemployed.

The term “Pôle emploi emploi” is often used to help ADIE (proposed in partnership with the Pôle Emploi), but it also refers to financial aid for job seekers who plan to work their way out by setting up their own business:

The new support for the creation and takeover of business ( NACRE ) is a financial aid of an amount of $ 1000 to $ 10,000, at zero rates and without guarantee that job seekers can use in addition to a bank loan to start a business or resume an activity.

This formula is for:

  • For people who receive back-to-work assistance or a professional security allowance.
  • Job seekers between 18 and 25 years old.
  • To people who collect the RSA

There is also assistance to job seekers creating or taking over a business ( ACCRE ) whose amount can not exceed 120% of the SMIC, but which will help to start a business or take over an existing company.

Solutions for a fast loan

Solutions for a fast loan

The fast credit for unemployed, in general, obtaining a loan “at risk” requires a thorough study of your file. When you need money quickly, the only solution available to you (in addition to the urgent credit of the CAF) is to request a small amount either using your credit card (revolving credit) or a passer by an organization like Cashper who specializes in fast lending.

Beware, for these types of fast credit for unemployed, interest rates are often quite high .

Unemployment credit: the procedure to follow

While you are job seeker, but this does not prevent you from wanting to improve your living conditions with an unemployment credit. If you go directly to the financial institutions, they will have to check your creditworthiness with essential supporting documents such as your last tax notice, your last salary slips and your last statements of account.

And because your situation does not allow you to reassure them, you can always resort to additional guarantees such as the presence of a guarantee provided by a relative with a stable source of income, a real guarantee like a car purchased in the form of an assigned loan that the bank can recover if you can no longer pay your debts.

In this case, the value of the property that will serve as a guarantee for the unemployed loan will be estimated by an expert from the bank. Of course, if you can not find the financing you need, you can always turn to microcredit solutions where you benefit from state support from its partner institutions.

Which Organization to contact in France?

Sometimes, looking for jobless credit can become a real obstacle course when you have to convince the banks to grant you this loan despite your situation. To make your life easier, contact the traditional organizations directly.

This is the case of the social credits made available to the unemployed who receive the RSA , or the urgent loan of the CAF that will be awarded to you if you have low resources, if you have at least one dependent child and if you have the opportunity to provide at least part of the budget needed for the acquisition of the property financed by the unemployment loan.

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