Sometimes it is difficult to know if a loan is really a novelty on the market or if it is just an old loan that has changed its name and in the cases, even names.
It happens from time to time that fast loans and sms loans change owners or that the company they run, changes the form of business for some reason.

The importance of renewal and variation


We believe that it is becoming increasingly common for lenders to also recognize the importance of renewal and variation, as many customers may prefer to break new ground and turn to other lenders.

It is no wonder that borrowers are an “unfaithful” target group, as the pursuit of cheaper and better loan solutions is obvious to us as consumers.

Many lenders also choose to develop existing brands to better customize them so that they are on time and meet customer expectations better. Of course, everything is about competition and what it actually is to a large extent is the “consumer market”.

As new loans come and old loans disappear, after all, it can be difficult for us consumers to keep up with the various changes that are happening. Getting lost in which loans actually belong to the same company is also a growing problem for us as consumers. If this is the case with different companies having several different loan products, we will go into more detail later.

Loans belonging to the same company


Loans that really belong to the same company not only create confusion with us consumers. It is not always clear on the websites of the different loans, which loans also fall under the same companies but under different brands.

Sometimes the loans are quite similar and sometimes they are very different and there are really two things that can cause problems for us:

Several loans that are similar but somewhat cheaper.

How to choose the right one?


  • Companies with many different loans but with limitations how many loans you can have or how much you can borrow.

We will expand the information on these items as but so far you can compare the loans at Thorn which has many different brands and at S&A Sverige AB which has many different loans.  

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