Borrowing money and choosing a loan is not always easy for those who do not know how to think when choosing which loan is best for them and which bank to turn to.

New loan broker with quick and easy application


Using a free loan broker so that you can get a loan offer from several different banks at the same time, is a good option for anyone who just wants to make an application and get a single uc check registered.

Of course, you should first consider whether you have applied for a loan through another loan intermediary who cooperates with exactly the same banks before sending your application.

Good Finance – borrow money quickly and compare online


Good Finans provides loans from 10,000 to 500,000 without collateral requirements. The main purpose of applying through Good Finance is to find a financing solution that suits you and your personal wishes and your application is passed on to a number of banks and financing companies.

Completely free to use and the fact that you use Good Finance


The service is, like with other loan intermediaries, completely free to use and the fact that you use Good Finans will not make the loan more expensive for you, on the contrary.

The application through Good goes like this:

  • You apply for a loan with no security for amounts between USD 10,000 and 500,000
  • You receive loan offers from all of the banks with which Good Finance works
  • You will be notified quickly and choose which loan is best for you
  • You sign a loan agreement directly with the bank you selected
  • The money is paid to your account

You usually get several loan offers within a weekday. You can choose what suits you best. You can even get the money in your account the same day.