The Easter weekend is soon over and maybe your money is too? Long left until wages come and the need for money before it may exist? Take a short-term fast loan free of charge or rather, interest-free for 30 days or fill the cash with money for annual loans.

No matter what, you can apply for money today and have it in your account today or tomorrow (depending on which bank you have). Choose from all the best of Swedish fast loans or take a free loan without interest here below.

Borrow money “free” without interest


No hidden fees and no interest! Completely free or rather free of charge without any extra costs for you who are borrowing for the first time from the following lenders!

Application to borrow USD 6,000 for free without interest from VIVUS:
Quick and easy online application with message directly on the screen whether you get a loan or not.

Price example first loan up to USD 6,000: Repay only USD 6,000. Borrow USD 6000 completely free for 1 month!
Price examples borrow up to USD 10000 for 1 month: Refund USD 10000.
NOTE! Increased loan limit when you borrow several times.

Payment of money after approved loan

Payment of money after approved loan

If you have Good Finance and your loan is granted within the lender’s opening hours, you will receive the money within 15 minutes.
Other banks
If you have an account with another bank, you must apply and be granted a loan on a week-free weekday before 13.00 to receive the loan on the same day, otherwise it will be the next banking day.

Borrow USD 1500 for free for one month
Quick and easy application online. Reply to your application directly on the screen.
Terms and conditions for loans at Good Finance:
– 18 years or older
– Registered in Sweden (at least 2 years)
– Not protected identity
– Not under stewardship
– Have your own private account with the Swedish bank
– Have your own mobile number
Other / Tips:
– Unsecured Loans
– Borrowing without uc control
– Quick response to your application
– Borrow with payment note *
* Special conditions apply when it occurred, etc.
Price example: Borrow USD 1000 for 1 month: Free! Refund only USD 1000 without interest

Loans are not the only way to get quick money


If you are in very urgent need of quick money, loans are undoubtedly one of the most secure and quick ways to raise money. However, it is far from the only solution. Certainly, a loan can be the solution to financial problems if it stops at a temporary need.
If, on the other hand, the needs persist month after month, it may be time to do something more drastic for their finances.

Many are struggling hard to get the money, while others have enough carefree income to cover their expenses.

If you want to get a good economy that is also sustainable over a long period of time, it is important to find a balance between income and expenditure and maybe it is the way to find ways to make extra money.

If you struggle with precarious employment conditions or something that more or less makes it difficult to get the economy together every month, there are many creative and different ways to go.

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